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Development environmental construction materials.

Form:donyue group Time:2014-10-20

Energy saving and emission reduction project focus on construction energy saving. Energy-saving Renewal for the existing building. Energy-saving project has very big potential. During the 11th five-year plan, energy-saving construction undertook 20% of natioanal energy-saving tasks. Building department put forward that until 2015, new building in town will carry out not less than 60% the standard of energy-saving construction, more than 95% new buildings will be up the stardard of energy-saving and encourage beijing and three municipalities can carry out 75% the standard of energy-saving. More and more company focus on brick machine, automtic block machine and aac plant. Those line and aac machinery can produce the environmental construction materials. At the same time, MIT publish the planning of environmental materials industry.the planning show that, during the 12th five-year plan,the demands for new environmental wall materials will be up 23 billion square meter per year, the value of thermal insulation material will be up 120 billion yuan per year. Treasury department and building department publish jointly suggestions on promoting environmental construction materials. They hope that until 2020, the environmental building aera will be up more than 30% among new building area.

The project of environmental construction materials offer an opportunity for construction materials company to develop the environmental construction materials and upgrade industries. Construction materials industry has a closed relation with buliding industry. Environmental construction materials is the material base for environmental building industry. Statistice show that building aera in national wide is up almost 2 billion square meter. More than 80% among them are energy-extense consumption building.the existing building aera is up almost 40 billion square meter, more than 90% are energy-extense consumption building. It is very important to develop the environmental construction and upgrade industries. Conservative projection, during 12th five-year plan, the consumption for environmental construction materials will be up 0.2 billion.