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Multi-function partition wall material

Form:donyue group Time:2014-10-21

Environmental construction materials is the development tendancy of construction materials. Saving is another way environment protection. In order to save energy and environment protection. Architects consider two aspects generally, the first one is construction materials. The second one is that buildings comsume a little energy. The light weight wall materials consume a little energy in producing, logistic, construction and any other links. Multi-function partition wall material building more comfortable residential environment.
In order to decrese the weight of construction, light weight wall materials is spreading widely. So the aac plant or aac machinery which can produce light weight partition wall materials was wide spread used.Partition is nonbearing wall material. In many modern buildings, traditional blocks are the mainly products,because of long-term using habit. This traditional blocks includes clay blocks, hollow blocks and concrete blocks, they are heavy weight and long construction time. Experts pointed that, traditonal blocks have internal advantage in durability, but at the same time, the weight of construction is more heavy, and there is more higher demands for building structure, especially for high-rise bulidings.
More and more buildings choose light weight wall materials. There are two reasons, the first one, light weight wall materials can decrease the construction weight. The second one, light weight wall materials can increse the efficiency of construction, decrease the production cost, improve the product competitiveness. More and more traditional brick machine manufacturers transformed itself to produce new automatic block machine.