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The development of new wall materials

Form:donyue group Time:2014-10-25

New technology and new environmental products will promote the development of new wall materials. Environmental brick machine and aac plant are used widely. Until 2015, more than 30% cities will achieve the goal of limited clay bricks, more than 50% towns will achieve the goal of forbidded solid clay bricks.It is said that,more and more solid clay bricks manufacturers will be shut down or transformed its production. More and more aac machinery and egg laying block machine manufacturers gained more attention. The national development and reform commission will increase supporting for new wall materials products, new process design and new technology. During the 12th five-year plan, the national new wall materials industry will save more than 1000 tons coal. Until 2015,the production of energy consumption will decrease 20%. the goal of environment protection will be achieved by forbided and limited solid clay bricks and developing new environmental wall materials.
In order to achieve the energy-saving and cost-reducing goal, the national development and reform commission also ask the related department to know the new wall materials production of energy consumption, monitor the new wall materials manufacturers’ production of energy consumption, clean the backward companies out, encourage the located government to develop the new environmental wall materials, promote new wall materials energy-saving and cost-reducing.
Now, all cities almost achieve the forbided solid clay bricks goals.New wall materials’ proportion has already been 55%. The new setup of new wall materials manufacture and use has basically formed. New wall materials industry has gained fast development and has dominated the market.