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Enormous benefits of recycle bricks

Form:donyue group Time:2014-10-30

According to expert said, there are more than 95% construction waste can be recycled. For excample, compared solid clay bricks, 0.15 billion stardard recycle bricks which raw materials are constrcution waste and produced by aac plant or aac machinery can save 240,000 SQ.M. cultivated land and comsume more than 400,000 tons comstruction waste. Otherwise,,during the producing, 0.15 billion stardard recycle bricks consume 40,000 tons fly ash and save 15,000 ton standard coal.

Reuse construction waste not only has huge environmental benefits, but also has huge economic benefits. Until 2020, if new construction waste is 5 billions tons, turn those construction waste into ecological construction materials, the value of those ecological construction materials will be up 0.1 billion Yuan. However, there is a little companies which reuse construction waste to produce environment protection bricks. Dongyue machinery group is one of them. Dongyue Group produces advanced technology automatic block machine and egg laying block machine, at the same time , dongyue produced bricks which raw materials is construction waste.