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which prominent advantages does the Aerated concrete has?

Form:dongyue group Time:2011-6-13

     As a new aerated concrete wall materials Aerated concrete has wide using space and development space, it has so good prospects depends on itself advantages. So what advantanges does the aerated concrete has?
       1 light weight
Areated concrete density is usually 400-700kg/m3,(according the market ti produce ),same as 1/3 of clay brick and 1/5 common concrete.So use the Light brick can reduce the weight of the build more ,and also reduce the beam of roof and pillar press best . then you can see ,it can save the material and cost ,it also fighting shaking
       2 keeping temperature
It has many are porous ,the delivery hearting coefficient is 0.9-0.22W/(mk),the same as 1/4 or 1/5 of clay brick ,so it is best materials now in the world . 
       3 anti-permeability
Aerated concrete’s patent technology guarantees that the inside holes of aerated concrete products are independent and closed, it’s diameter is about 1-2 mm, can effectively prevent moisture diffusion. At the same time, the aerated concrete can effectively prevent board seaming and masonry mortar joint bulging by its special construction technology. The research shows that when adopt common painting, the anti-permeability of aerated concrete block is 85% higher than clay brick block.
       4 fireproof performance
Aerated concrete product itself is inorganic non-combustible material. Experiments show that, aerated concrete block is the ideal fireproofing material, the fire prevention ability of 10cm thickness aerated concrete block is above 4 hours or more.Therefore, aerated concrete is widely used as a firewall.
       5 sound insulation performance
Aerated concrete wall can insulates 30 to 60 decibels according to the difference in Aerated concrete block’s thickness and surface treatment.
       6 precise size
The advanced production technology and equipment of Aerated concrete guarantees the precise contour dimension of the products, the error is in + 1.0 mm of the length, width and height, far higher than national standards for the requirements of the high-class product, making it become possible of the application of thin layer mortar.
       7 high strength,
The brickwork strength of Aerated concrete block is about 80% of the strength of the block itself (red brick is only 30%). It can configurate rebar according to the design requirements to meet all kinds of load requirements.
       8 construction is convenient
A piece of aerated concrete block is eqivalently to 18 pieces of red brick block, and it can construct continuously, greatly improving the construction speed, lower labor costs.Aerated concrete plank construction is more convenient.Aerated concrete is easy to process, it can sawing, drilling, nailing, hanging,carving, etc., In addition, all the field operation of aerated concrete products are dry operation, it is helpful for construction unit to increase the level of management.