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Aerated concrete moisture influence

Form:dongyue group Time:2011-6-17

                                  Aerated concrete moisture influence

      The dry shrinkage of the powder ash Aerated concrete products has the following rules with the change of the moisture content of products:
      (1) with the the moisture content of the powder ash Aerated concrete products dwindling, its dry shrinkage increasing gradually. The interval from the full water station (the moisture content is 60% or so) to the kettle station (the moisture content is 35% or so), the drying shrinkage rises faster, the dry shrinkage of this part occupies about 40% or so of the total shrinkage of the interval from full water station to the equilibrium moisture content
      (2) the interval from kettle to balance station (the moisture content is about 4%), with the moisture content decreasing, drying shrinkage rising but sometimes there is a decrease in the phenomenon.Aerated concrete equipment But, when exceed equilibrium station, with the further reducing of moisture content, the dry shrinkage yet is rising sharply, until to the maximum;
       (3) the most dry shrinkage of fly ash aerated concrete products occurs in the interval from the moisture content is 5% to oven dry. theoretically, the shrinkage of this interval reaches to the maximum(take up 70% of the total), the harm to the structure also is big, but in practical applications, the shrinkage of this interval usually does not happen. For the average humidity in south China is from 8% to 10%, and in the north is from 2% to 5%. Therefore, where there has real harm to structure is the shrinkage in the interval of out-kettle, in the structural design, the shrinkage in this interval shall be attached importance to.
In order to calculate the Aerated concrete products’ dry shrinkage in different moisture content station, there is a function relation we can use:
      S = = 2.7298 E-06 w ^ 3 + 2.9072 E-04 w ^ 2-0.0172 w + 0.5760 R ^ 2 = 9901
      In the formula, S stands for dry shrinkage, mm/m;W stands for moisture content, %