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The raw materials of Aerated concrete block equipment commonly used

Form:dongyue group Time:2011-7-2

1. Lime: in fly ash Aerated concrete block production, we should adopt calcium lime more than 60% of effective content in cao, and the digestive rate is 10 to 30 mm. It has two sides in the role of the products production: first, provides calcium composition. Second, deliver the gas and bodying in the Aerated concrete production process.
2. caso4: all kinds of caso4 can be used in producing fly ash aerated concrete block. the role of it is controlling the digestion of the lime dispelling in aerated concrete block production, adjust the speed of the lime digestion, reduce the digestive temperature, Increase the intensity, making the aerated concrete block body can bear all the effect in carrying, cutting, steaming, reducing the body damage, it can promote the hydration of Cao and sio2, improving product strength.
3. Fly ash: the quality of fly ash in producing Aerated concrete block should comply with the rules of JC409 the flyash of silicate building products, the role of it in production is generating more hydration products with response with cao, meet the need of the product strength and other performance requirement.
4. cement: it is suitable to adopt portland cement or common portland cement in producing fly ash aerated concrete block. the role of it in production mainly is to adjust the thickening time of aerated concrete pule, ensure pulp pouring stability. At the same time, the cement hydration, condensation and hardening of the cement can improve the intensity of the aerated concrete block, and it can provide Ca (OH) 2 react with sial in fly ash, to make the product has a certain strength and good durability.