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The maintenance of brick machine

Form:dongyue group Time:2013-12-24

1, when brick machine is operating, please installing the protective cover and bottom cover
2. If the machine need to be idle, every part of brick machine needs anticorrosion protection, checking them every three months, greasing machines completely with gasoline.
3. keeping the brick machine clean.
4.Reading the specification carefully, then operating machine following the specification, playing fully ability of brick machine. Extending the life of brick machine.
5.Checking the electric wire always in order to avoid electric leakage
6. Chooseing 25mm2 aluminium wire or 16mm2 copper wire for brick machine’ power line. Input voltage is high voltage 380V-410V and low voltage 330V-360V.
7. Brick machine need be overhauled every ten months and be medium repaired every two months